What is the price of this program?

The cost is only $119. That works out to less than $25 a week. I wanted to make something really affordable for everyone that would make the quickest changes to your situation. This is save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in the future.

Is this the only service you provide?

No, but this is where I start people because it builds out our foundation of working together.

I've tried other online programs and have a hard time getting through them. Is there anything else you can do with me?

Yes! You are not the only one that has ever had a hard time with keeping up with the online program model. I offer the ability to go through this program with me as a way to help you stay on top of it. PLUS, you get the benefit of me helping you with YOUR situation and answering any questions you may have during the program. You also get more attention to making sure you are keeping up with your goals and intentions. You can schedule a call with me or email me at to learn more.

I want to go through this program, but I would prefer to talk to you first about it. Can I do that?

Absolutely, I understand sometimes people just need to talk to a human. Please feel free to schedule a call with me or even email me at

What makes this different than the other things out there?

I've done extensive research into the field, the focus for helping families has been about educating families about addiction, which is necessary BUT not a lot of focus on what the families can actually do about it. This program focuses on YOUR action steps and strategies.

I am busy, I don't have a lot of time, how much time is this going to take?

Less than an hour a week. I've spent so much research and time to learn how to deliver and condense the information in an effecient way. The problem with a lot of people is as much as they want to help their loved one, they have a hard time dedicating the time it takes to do so. That's why I've put all the information you need to know in this one program that takes less than an hour a week. Invest a little bit of time into this program to save you hundreds of hours in the future.

Is this confidential?

Absolutely! People often don't want anyone knowing what is going on in their lives. That's why I've provided a way for people to go through this program on their own. Confidentiality is the biggest service I provide. Even people that work one-on-one with me, my clients privacy is my #1 Priority.

I see this is mainly geared towards parents and grandparents, but I am dealing with a spouse. Do you have anything for that kind of situation?

I do not have an online program yet specifically for dealing with a spouse, however, the principles are the same, but communication and situations may be different. My recommendation would be to reach out and have me go through this program with you and help you one-on-one. Even if you chose to go through this program on your own, you will still get what you needed in terms of learning how to set boundaries.

Are you going to tell me what boundaries I have to set? I'm kind of tired of people doing that.

NOPE! I'm going to help you formulate the boundaries you feel good about. They are YOUR boundaries. There are no blanket solutions, but there are important principles to understand about addiction that will help you understand why certain boundaries are in their best interest and yours. Remember, we are not doing anything TO them, we are doing everything FOR them.

Is this just more of someone telling me I have to show "Tough Love"?

Yes and no, my definition of tough love is having to sometimes make decisions that are tough to do BECAUSE you love them. It is not about being tough on them.