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Investigating approaches to supporting the adoption, implementation and spread of innovations in adult social care


We will:

  • characterise the range of support for innovation in adult social care (ASC)

  • reflect on why and how the support for innovation is provided, its value and innovators’/adopters’ experiences of that support. 



We will hold a series of multi-stakeholder workshops at several locations around the country designed in collaboration with our Public Stakeholder Engagement Group.

Workshop questions will include:

  • What forms of support for innovation are found in ASC?

  • Who is providing the support, where and to whom?

  • What is the rationale for supporting innovation in this way?

  • What are ‘innovators’ experiences of using these forms of support?

  • What challenges are raised by each approach to supporting ASC innovation?

We will also explore how different types of evidence are used.

Key informant interviews may take place to support deeper understanding of certain approaches to supporting innovation. 


We will produce:

  • a list of the support infrastructure for ASC, showing what support is available, where and from whom

  • a description of types of support for innovations and themes capturing the reasons why support is provided and the experiences of providing and receiving support

  • a paper discussing stakeholders’ perspectives on the support infrastructure, discussing experiences

  • visual notes on stakeholders’ perspectives

  • briefings for stakeholders. 


Juliette Malley and Annette Boaz

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