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If our research is to support social care to do things differently and better, then our findings need to be translated into actions

Our strategy for impact focuses on developing strong partnerships and fostering relationships with networks of stakeholders throughout the study in order to exchange ideas and facilitate shared learning to increase potential for influence and impact. 

We have developed partnerships with carer/public representatives and other adult social  care stakeholders and are working with them to design and choose the focus of the study and develop recommendations. These relationships are likely to endure beyond the project to inform future research.


Throughout the study there will be opportunities for a wider group of stakeholders, including more service users and carers, to work with us to shape the direction of the research, help us to understand findings and identify good ways to communicate them. We will advertise these opportunities as the project progresses. If you’re interested in the project and getting involved do get in contact with the project team:

View SASCI's Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy (PDF)

View membership of our Public Stakeholder Engagement Group

View membership of our Advisory Group

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