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  • Dr Juliette Malley – Lead (LSE) Juliette is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow within the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at LSE. Her research interests include the measurement of outcomes and quality in long-term care, performance and quality of long-term care systems, regulation of long-term care and financing of long-term care systems.
  • Professor Yvonne Birks (York) Yvonne is Co-Director of the Social Policy Research Unit at York and Deputy Director of the NIHR School for Social Care Research. She trained as a general and children’s nurse specialising in intensive care, before moving into research. Over the years she has worked on projects spanning the life course but is particularly interested in issues around professional/ public attitudes and behaviour, particularly in relation to the quality and safety of care. She is a mixed methods researcher with expertise in developing projects that evaluate complex interventions in both health and social care.
  • Professor Annette Boaz (Kingston) Annette is Professor of Health Care Research and St George's University of London and Kingston University. She has spent more than 20 years exploring the relationship between research, policy and practice in the UK and internationally, is the Founding Editor of the international journal Evidence & Policy, and has conducted research for a range of funders. She supports a number of national initiatives aimed at increasing capacity for research use and is Vice-Chair of the UK Implementation Society.
  • Dr Kate Baxter (York) Kate is Senior Research Fellow at the Social Policy Research Unit at the University of York. Her research centres on social care for older people, with a focus on self-funders and their families. She is especially interested in self-funders' experiences of navigating the social care system and how these experiences compare with older people in receipt of local council funding. Her earlier research in the Social Policy Research Unit focussed on personalisation, home care and personal budgets for older people.
  • Professor Ewan Ferlie (KCL) Ewan is Professor of Public Services Management and Head of the Public Services Management & Organisation Group at King's College London. Ewan has been a Principal or Co Investigator in a number of recent research projects funded by the National Institute of Health Research, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education; Guy’s and St Thomas’s Charity and Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Dr Jose-Luis Fernandez (LSE) Jose-Luis is a health and social care economist specialising in ageing-related policies, the analysis of health and social care funding systems, service productivities, the interaction between health and social care, and the economic evaluation of health and social care services. He directs the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the LSE, the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Adult Social Care and the International Long-term care Policy Network. He is also assistant director of the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Economics of Social and Health Care. He has contributed to key health and social care evaluations.
  • Professor Martin Knapp (LSE) Martin is Professor of Social Policy and Professor within CPEC at LSE. He has also been Director of the NIHR School for Social Care Research since 2009. His current research emphases are primarily dementia, child and adult mental health, autism and long-term social care; much of his work has an economic focus, and in all of it he seeks to tease out the policy implications. He has published almost 600 peer-review journal papers and 15 books. His work has had numerous impacts on policy and practice in these areas.
  • Jane Maddison (York) Jane is Research Associate at the Social Policy Research Unit at York. After a first degree in Sociology and Social Administration (1980), Jane worked in public sector finance, management and teaching until turning to research in 1991 when she first joined SPRU. She investigated the role of community nurses, support for children with chronic illness and their involvement in service development before taking up a voluntary sector management post in 2002. In 2004 she moved back into research, for a research company and then freelance. This work also included service evaluation and training in health, social care and voluntary organisations. In 2016 Jane returned to SPRU to take up her current post.
  • Professor Jill Manthorpe (KCL) Jill is Professor of Social Work and (from January 2019) Director of the NIHR Health & Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London, and Associate Director of the NIHR School for Social Care Research. She is an NIHR Senior Investigator Emeritus and involved in advisory work for the Department of Health and Social Care on several subjects and works closely with several social care and health sector employers to link research, policy and practice.
  • Sandra Paget (LSE)
    Sandra is Public Involvement Advisor for SASCI. Sandra is an experienced lay reviewer for the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) and has been a lay member of several funding panels within the NIHR, including call membership of the Policy Research Programme funding panel. She lives in the East Midlands and is a Lay Member of the Community Voices Panel for the NIHR Applied Research Collaboration-East Midlands (ARC-EM). Sandra's current PPI activties are Mapping the Innovation Landscape, Applied Research Collaboration-East Midlands (ARC-EM), and PPI Contributor to the Equality impact assessment project, ARC-EM. Sandra has had a rare neurological condition since early childhood. She initiated the original Buckinghamshire Neurological Alliance and was elected to the Executive Committee of the national Neurological Alliance to represent Regional Neurological Alliances (2004-2005). She is interested in research and education into “quality of life” of disabled people and older people by them and with them and how they will participate and influence research for their benefit. She believes that public understanding and communication of science are vital to the progress of research, especially research to support policy.
  • Dr Carl Purcell (KCL) Carl is a Research Associate at the NIHR Health and Social Care Workforce Research Unit (HSCWRU) at King’s College London. Carl is particularly interested in the development and implementation of social care policies and has recently published a study of children’s services policy since 1997. He has also supported a range of other social care research projects since joining HSCRWU in 2017 including a study of safeguarding and child protection in schools and a major study of health provision for homeless people. Before undertaking his PhD Carl worked as a policy adviser in local government for 11 years.
  • Professor Gerald Wistow (LSE) Gerald is Visiting Professor within the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the LSE. His current academic work includes evaluations of integrated care and adult social care services.
  • Raphael Wittenberg (LSE) Raphael is Deputy Director and Associate Professorial Research Fellow within the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the LSE. He is also Deputy Director of the Centre for Health Service Economics and Organisation (CHSEO) at the University of Oxford. At CPEC, he leads a programme of research on financing long-term care, which aims to make projections of demand for long-term care for older people and associated expenditure to 2041. He also leads research on care for older people and care for people living with dementia.
  • Dr Valentina Zigante (LSE) Valentina is Research Officer within the Care Policy and Evaluation Centre at the LSE. Her research focuses on the analysis of care provision, and her broader research interest include user and carer experience, personalisation and the provision and financing of social care.
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