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Blasts from the past – your suggestions

Innovation is new – by definition. But, once upon a time, things that we now take for granted were seen as new, different or even revolutionary. This applies in adult social care too.  

As part of the SASCI study we are going to use the benefit of hindsight. We will hold a series of witness seminars to hear from people who were part of an innovation in adult social care and can tell us what happened, what they thought was going on, what worked and what they think now of the subject. 

We are looking for insights that aren’t there in official histories. But we know that there could be many subjects to choose from so please help us identify the priorities. The key criterion is that they must be within ‘living memory’ (so the creation of the Elizabethan Poor Law won’t do) but not too current (so exclude place-based or strengths-based practice – for while these have a history/histories they are still developing).  

Please let us know the subjects you are interested in by completing the form below.

Suggestion for seminars

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